Steroglass PTFE 100 reactors

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LAB laboratory reactors are used to optimize and reproduce chemicals by mixing, dispersing and homogenizing processes on a laboratory scale.
Reactions can be performed in different volumes by changing reactor vessels. (300ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 7L).
Reactors designed for chemical process development, scale-up, scale-down and process simulation.

LAB laboratory reactors can be equipped with:
- DN100 diameter reaction vessel lid, made of PTFE, the lid is standard equipped with 4 29/32 ground stubs and one 14/23 ground stub;
- Double-walled or triple-walled reaction vessel, made of boro 3.3 clear glass, reaction vessel capacity: from 300 ml to 7000 ml, allowing visual process monitoring; equipped with two stainless steel spigots for hose connection, screw-in valve installed on the bottom of the reaction vessel, screw-in element made of PTFE, valve completely removable. The vessel has a bottom alignment that excludes its dead space;
- Self-centering clamp for the vessel, made of stainless steel DN100;
- O-ring gasket DN100;
- Dimroth type glass cooler with a grinding size of 29/32, cooler length: 200 or 300 or 350 or 500 mm;
- Glass dropper with capacity: 50 or 100 or 250 or 500 or 1,000 or 2,000 ml, together with a stopper, fitted to the spigot in the ground cover;
- Stopper for spigot with ground 29/32;
- Stopper for 29/32 grind spigot with special spigot for hose;
- Possibility to order matching reaction vessels for the purchased set with capacities: 300 ml, 500 ml, 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 7L, compatible with the reactor rack;
- Operating temperature range of the reactors: from -90 to 180 [C];
- PTFE-coated mixing tip for mechanical stirrer with a rod diameter of 8 mm, tip length of 600 mm with adapter,
- Pt100 temperature probe coated with PTFE
- Reactor rack made entirely of stainless steel, equipped with the necessary handles for easy attachment of the reaction vessel , stirrer drive and lid to the vessel with the elements. In the base of the rack made stainless steel vessel;

Optional equipment:
- Mechanical mixer
- Cooling and heating unit circulator
- Protective cover
- pH meter
- Homogenizer
- Digital meter for temperature and analog standard signals
- Seals, handles and fittings, matched to work within the parameters of the reactor, stirrer and aggregate, allowing the whole to be connected to the heating and cooling system resistant to acids and alkalis;
- Hoses connecting the aggregate to the reactor matched to work within the range of operating temperatures and other parameters of the reactor and aggregate.

Model Capacity
Reactor 300/100/PTFE Cat. no.: SQEG080260 300 ml
Reactor 500/100/PTFE Cat. no.: SQEG080265 500 ml
Reactor 1L/100/PTFE Cat. no.: SQEG080264 1000 ml
Reactor 2L/100/PTFE Cat. no.: SQEG080921 2000 ml
Reactor 3L/100/PTFE Cat. no.: SQEG080922 3000 ml
Reactor 5L/100/PTFE Cat. no.:SQEG080923 5000 ml
Reactor 7L/100/PTFE Cat. no.: SQEG080924 7000 ml

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