We are pleased to announce the our separate catalog "Safety 2011/2012" where you will find information that will help improve the work with chemicals in the laboratory as well as in industry.


LABORATORY REFRIGERATORNEW LIBHERR! Laboratory refrigerator is cooling equipment that must meet the highest professional demands refrigeration devices that store are particularly sensitive products. LIEBHERR company which is a leading European manufacturer of refrigeration equipment offers modern laboratory refrigerators and freezers for use in laboratories.


Our offer includes: Swiss incubators , laboratory dryers , vacuum dryers , CO2 incubators and laboratory dishwasher. equipment has a number of qualities that distinguish it from similar devices on the market. laboratory incubators equipped with double doors, have a forced air heating and allow the interior to at 110 ° C, which supports the incubator decontamination system.


Low-temperature freezers Skadi Green Line is available in two ranges of temperature-40st.C and -86st.C. Standard interior of the chamber is made ​​of stainless steel coated with epoxy paint. As an option, the interior is made ​​of stainless steel.Our low-temperature freezers are available in chest and rack mount. Chamber volume may be from 191 to 730 liters.Be the first to Skadi Green Line in freezers used only organic refrigerants. Unlike traditional gas mixtures used threatening climate are 100% natural refrigerants. Of course, the systems used are hydrocarbons safely and comply with the standards.