Testo 175 T2 recorder

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  • Simultaneous measurement of air and product temperature
  • Socket for easy connection of an external probe
  • Standard (AAA) user-replaceable batteries
  • Large, easy-to-read display

The testo 175 T2 recorder allows you to measure the air temperature in cold and freezer rooms and also read the temperature of products.

The Testo 175 T2 has an external sensor input (NTC), so you can measure the temperature inside a product or between packages of deep-frozen products using a food probe.

Transmission of measurement data to a PC can be done via a USB cable and via an (optionally available) SD card.

Technical data testo 175-T2

Temperature measurement range [°C]

-35 to +55 °C internal

-40 to +120 °C internal

Accuracy [°C]

internal: ±0,5 °C (-35 to +55 °C) ±1 digit

internal: ±0,3 °C (-40 to +120 °C) ±1 digit

Dimensions [mm]

89 x 53 x 27 mm

Weight [g]

160 g

Battery life

3 years (With a measurement step of 15 min.)

Measurement rate

10 s - 24 h

Model Description
testo 175 T2 Testo 175 T2 recorder with internal temperature probe (NTC) and external sensor socket (for NTC probe), including wall bracket, lock, batteries and factory calibration protocol

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