Testo 175-T1 recorder

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  • Temperature monitoring in cold and freezer rooms
  • For long-term temperature monitoring
  • Standard (AAA) user-replaceable batteries
  • Large, easy-to-read display

The testo 175-T1 recorder is a device used for long-term measurements in cold stores and freezers as well as for temperature documentation during food transportation.

The device is equipped with a large memory of up to 1 million measurement values and long-life batteries, making it possible to take readings at longer intervals despite the shorter measurement cycle.

Measurement data can be transferred via USB and also via SD card.
The kit includes the testo 175 T1 temperature recorder with an internal sensor (NTC), along with a wall bracket, locking device, batteries and a factory calibration protocol.

Note: To program the data recorder, a USB cable is required, which is not included in the scope of delivery, but which can also be ordered if needed. Measurement data can also be transferred to a computer via a USB cable or SD card (available as an option).

Technical data testo 175-T1

Temperature measurement range [°C]

-35 to +55 

Accuracy [°C]

±0,5 (-35 to +55 °C) ±1 digit

Dimensions [mm]

89 x 53 x 27 

Weight [g]

Battery life

3 years (with a measurement step of 15 min)

Measurement rate

10 s - 24 h


Model Description
175-T1 Temperature recorder, internal sensor, wall bracket, locking device, battery

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