Tenac LabLogger sensor system

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  • Wide measurement range from-35°C to 85°C
  • Easy installation
  • Monitoring on 100 devices
  • Secure data storage
It is a wireless sensor system for monitoring temperature from -35°C to 85°C. By using TENAC LabLogger, each user has unlimited online access to all data. In addition, LABLOGGER allows you to manage alarm points, share information, create temperature curves, and most importantly, provides an extremely easy overview of all connected devices.

- Inexpensive to use - no fees for using a MyLog account
- Ability to monitor the temperature of up to 100 devices (located at a maximum distance of up to 950 meters)
- Simple and independent installation
- Security and comfort of data storage (saving a backup copy and viewing the data at any time)
- Service - consisting possibly of battery replacement
- Possibility of individual configuration of the system
- Alarm notifications via e-mail

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