Thermioplus recorder

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  • Humidity measurement range 0 to 100 % RH
  • Degree of protection of housing IP65
  • USB interface
  • Housing dimensions 45x100x19 mm
  • Battery life 1000,000 records
  • LCD display
  • Memory for 32000 measurements
  • Recording frequency from 1 sec to 10000 min
  • Access to maximum and minimum values
  • Low battery indication



TERMIOPLUS autonomous temperature and humidity recorder, is designed to measure and record temperature and humidity in rooms and transport. Programming and reading of stored measurements is done through a USB reader. It can be turned on in the appropriate place with a button, from the computer directly or from the computer set to turn on with a delay. After connecting the thermohygrometer to the computer via an adapter connected to the USB port and running the program, the information stored in its memory is read out. The data can be visualized in the form of graphs, a results sheet and a set in text format that allows loading into EXCEL. The program also makes it possible to visualize and print alarms (exceeded set temperatures) that occurred in a given period. It is also possible to set whether the device is to save 32,000 samples and terminate operation or save samples on the oldest data (overwriting). It is made in a special industrial housing made of ABS plastic with high mechanical strength. The design of the recorder uses special seals, making it resistant to dust, dirt and water.


Model Temperature [° C] Resolution Accuracy Reading accuracy
Termioplus -30°C to 70°C 0,1 -/+0,5°C or -/+1°C +/- 2% or 5% HR
Termioplus 4% -30°C to 70°C 0,1 -/+0,4°C or -/+1°C -/+4% RH

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