Laboratory dishwashers without drying unit

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  • Ideal for built-in or as a freestanding unit
  • Built-in water softener with automatic regeneration function
  • Temperature monitoring by two independent PT1000 sensors
  • Three-stage water filtration system to protect the wash pump
  • Wide selection of baskets and cartridges

The SC1160 laboratory dishwasher is a highly specialized unit designed to efficiently wash laboratory glassware. It has no drying function and is recommended for laboratories where drying is not required.

Technical specifications:

- Dishwasher with drying by clocking the temperature of the heaters;

- External dimensions: W850 x S600 x G630 mm;

- Chamber volume: 171 liters;

- Solid door with handle for opening;

- Front loading of laboratory glassware;

- Re-circulation pump capacity: 400 L/min;

- Effective chamber height for each of the two levels;

- Power of the machine: 5600 W;

- Noise level: 56 dB(a);

- Two independent washing levels;

- Ability to use any injection carts (dedicated to the device) and basic carts on two levels independently of each other;
Ability to wash by injection on only one level (top or bottom) without placing the cart on an unused level;

- LCD display;

- 40 programs, including 20 fully user-modifiable programs;

- Telescopic rails in the baskets (carts);

- Washing and disinfection process temperature of 93oC;

- Internal temperature control with two independent Pt1000 sensors;

- Economical water consumption, less than 14l/cycle;

- Built-in water softener;

- Triple water filtration system capturing residue to prevent re-circulation and extend pump life;

- On/off drying capability;

- Electric door lock;


Model Capacity
Dishwasher SC 1160 Cat. no.: 16A01050 151 l