DES 1000 Forte

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  • Strongly alkaline
  • Application: glass, ceramics, plastics and stainless steel
  • For water of any hardness level
  • Without surfactants

Strongly alkaline liquid for laboratory dishwashers. Suitable for cleaning heavily soiled glass, ceramic, plastic and stainless steel dishes. Can be used with water of any hardness level. It is especially recommended in chemical and medical laboratories, as well as in the food industry.


  • Cannot be used for light metal alloys and non-ferrous metals (including zinc and aluminum parts)
  • Strongly alkaline concentrate with active chlorine
  • Without surfactants
  • Recommended dosage: 5 ml / l
  • Recommended temperature: 60 - 80 ° C
Model Scale
DES 1000 Forte 5 5 kg
DES 1000 Forte 10 10 kg
DES 1000 Forte 30 30 kg

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