Dishwasher cartridges

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  • Wide selection
  • Adapted for various types of laboratory glassware

SalvisLab's wide selection of dishwasher cartridges ensures customization.


  • W1 insert with 28 spring hooks for laboratory glassware
  • W2 mesh basket 120x120x120 mm
  • W3 cover for W2 basket
  • W4 insert for 30 petri dishes
  • W5 mesh basket ¼ mm (h = 200 mm)
  • W6 mesh basket ¼ mm (h = 130 mm)
  • W7 cover for W5 and W6 baskets
  • W8 separator for W5 and W6 baskets
Model Description
W1 with 28 hooks
W2 mesh cube
W3 cover on W2
W4 for Petri dishes
W5 mesh h = 200 mm
W6 mesh h = 130 mm
W7 cover on W5 and W6
W8 separator for W5 and W6

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