Bottom baskets for dishwashers

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  • Wide selection
  • Adapted for various types of laboratory glassware

SalvisLab's wide selection of dishwasher baskets ensures customization. The range includes basic, straight baskets with wash arms, as well as baskets with nozzles of various sizes to suit different types of laboratory glassware.

  • KD1 lower basket basic
  • KD2 lower basket 12 nozzles (height 140/170 Ø 6 mm)
  • KD3 lower basket 25 nozzles (height 140/170 mm Ø 6
  • KD4 lower basket 36 nozzles (height 75/110 mm Ø 6 mm)
  • KD5 lower basket 2 pipette racks with a maximum length of 300 mm
  • KD6 lower basket with stand for 48 pipettes
Model Description
KD1 lower base basket
KD2 12 nozzles
KD3 25 nozzles
KD4 36 nozzles
KD5 2 pipette racks
KD6 48 pipette rack