Fireproof container type CB

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  • Different dimentions
  • For use both indoors and outdoors
  • Additional fireproof devices not required
  • Mobile
  • Adjustable applience
  • Low weight
  • High degree of termic isolation
  • Easy to montage

Storing flammable liquids of F/F+ grade for oxidants and poisonous substances. Can be used both inside and outside buildings. Fireproof inside and outside of device for 90 minutes.


  • Movable fire cabin
  • Extinguish system not required
  • Self-closing fans for air coming in and out
  • Sliding or double doors
  • Doors with magnetic handles; smoke detector
  • Explosionproof fan for suction directly from retention tank

Accesories :

  • Different materials for lining retention containers
  • Fire alarm/extinguish system
  • Explosionproof heating system
  • Explosionproof cooling system
  • Explosionproof lighting, switches and sockets
  • Shelves, places for pallets
  • Acoustic and visual alarms
  • Gas detector
  • Extraction system in a workshop
Model Capacity Dimensions Scale
CB 200 250 l 2900x1850x2220 mm 1500 kg
CB 500 1060 l 3900x 1850x 3650 mm 3800 kg
CB 1000 2050 l 7100x1850x3680 mm 6000 kg