Collecting container type ASB

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  • For hazardous fluids
  • Compatible with ADR/RID/IMDGH 
  • Packaging groups II i III
  • Internal tank
  • Maximum density of 1,8 kg/l
  • Bayonet for leak registration

ASb type is uesd for international transport of hazardous fluids according to codes ADR/RID/IMDG, packaging groups II and III. Collection and storage flammable liquids marked by F / F+ symbols according to TRbF 60.


  • External container is used for retention tank, with a hatch cover
  • Internal tank (inside of external)
  • Filling inlet with a diameter of 400 mm
  • Funnel and a sieve made out of stainless steel
  • Locked cover with gas pressure springs
  • Can be stacked (3 units)
  • Suitable for translocation by pallet truck, forklift or a crane
  • For inside or outside rooms/buildings use
  • Maximum density of 1,8 kg/l
  • Bayonet for leak registration


  • Filling or suction pipe with 2'' connection, threaded connection with a cap
  • Internal tank with an oil bowl under suction pipe
  • 1'' connection threaded with a plug
  • Engraved company name
  • Compability sign "U"according to Building Standards List A, released by "DIBt"
Model Number of chambers Capacity Dimensions Scale
ASB 250 1x250 l 250 l 790x815x830 mm 193 kg
ASB 450-I 1x450 l 450 l 1200x885x830 mm 236 kg
ASB 450-II 2x225 l 450 l 1200x885x830 mm 310 kg