UltraSpeed Pro cleaning system

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  • Intuitive bucket system with mop and wringer
  • High-absorbency mops
  • Single and reusable polyester microfiber mops
  • Compact chassis
  • Touch-free mop wringing
  • Can be sterilized in autoclave
  • For keeping floors, walls, ceilings clean
The UltraSpeed Pro system enables the easiest and most efficient cleaning of floors, walls, ceilings in controlled environments. Using ergonomic solutions to reduce costs, the UltraSpeed system significantly speeds up cleaning and improves efficiency. The system is ideal for use in the pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment manufacturers, biopharmaceutical, healthcare and microelectrical industries.
CE UltraSpeed Pro outperforms traditional squeeze bucket systems in every way. All CE components can be autoclaved freely, and the polyester microfiber mops fray minimally and provide high cleaning performance.

The system also allows contactless mop wringing, which significantly reduces the risk of transferring contaminants while controlling mop moisture for disinfection and removal. The compact chassis is ideal for facilities with limited storage and is lightweight and ergonomic.

The CE UltraSpeed Pro system is designed with the latest technology making it easy to use, quite flexible, cleans hard-to-reach areas and provides superior cleaning performance in cleanrooms. The mops have been tested by an independent third-party laboratory for dirt removal and shredding effectiveness. The cleaning effectiveness of the mop was found to be greater than 4 times the log reduction rate, and in terms of shredding, the mops were classified as Category 1 according to IEST-RP-CC-003.4.
System CE UltraSpeed Pro został porównany z tradycyjnym systemem mopów, włącznie z mopami paskowymi, a przeprowadzone testy potwierdziły, że system jest najlepszym wyborem, jeśli zależy nam na skutecznym czyszczeniu i kontroli zanieczyszczeń.

The disposable mops are composed of a 100% polyester/polyester microfiber blend, are pre-treated and have effective cleaning properties due to the embossed pattern that comes in contact with the surface. Both types of mops glide easily and smoothly over surfaces and fray minimally during use, leaving trace particles on the surface.
Model Description
CE UltraSpeed Pro Two-bucket system 15 and 30 liters

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