UltraSpeed Pro base and wheels

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  • Transport of single and double buckets
  • Small, compact dimensions
  • Raised front
  • Durable metal wheels
  • Integrated handle
  • Very good chemical resistance and durability
  • Suitable for autoclave sterilization
The base and casters are part of the UltraSpeed Pro system used to transport UltraSpeed Pro single and double buckets. The raised front ensures proper bucket positioning and also stability during wringing. The integrated handle makes it easy to carry the base along with the buckets, for example, up stairs.

The device is extremely durable and also shows very good chemical resistance. The base can also be sterilized using an autoclave. This product has been manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards of the FHCS Quality System.
Model Scale
UltraSpeed Pro base and wheels 2150 g

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