CE UltraSpeed Pro MicroIntensive disposable mop

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  • For cleaning floors and walls
  • Highly absorbent
  • Does not leave particles
  • Resistant to high temperatures and chemicals
  • Autoclave and gamma radiation sterilization
  • Conforms to the standards in the FHCS Quality System
  • Max water absorption of 150l
UltraSpeed Pro MicroIntensive is a microfiber mop for cleaning floors and walls in a controlled environment.

The mop has high water absorption and is highly resistant to high temperatures and chemicals. It is great for gamma radiation application and autoclave sterilization.

It has been washed in a cleanroom environment and individually packaged under CE conditions. Suitable for ISO class 4-9 / GMP A/B, C, D environments.
Model Dimensions Scale
CE UltraSpeed Pro MicroIntensive Długość 40 cm 60 g

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